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Unique Product Fundraiser Ideas: Beyond Wrapping Paper and Popcorn

There’s no limit to the number and types of products your group can sell to raise money. The key to success is finding a product that both your group and your supporters are interested in. Consider what type of product makes sense for your group.

Yes, your neighbors, friends and family members will buy traditional fundraising products like seasonal plants/flowers, candles and of course wrapping paper to support a good cause, but there are many other unique and useful options when it comes to selling a product to raise funds.

Fundraisers with Cardboard Cutout Standees

Sell custom BigHeads, Standees, Decals or Murals from Cardboard Cutout Standees and earn up to 30% of the proceeds for your organization. This is the perfect fundraiser for sports teams! fundraiser ideas for high schools

Cardboard Cutout Standees makes it very easy to organize and run your fundraiser. Your organization will have its own branded fundraiser shopping page, and your customers place their fundraising orders directly from our website. Just share the link to your group’s page with your customers – no taking orders or collecting payments. Visit the Cardboard Cutouts fundraising page for more information and to request information.

Lew Wilson Art Fundraiser

A unique option is a fundraiser with Lew Wilson Art of Apex, NC. Lew paints beautiful watercolors of Triangle area schools, local and regional colleges, and local landmarks, and sells them as prints and holiday ornaments.

They have a fundraising program that allows groups to earn 20% of all sales of their artwork and ornaments. It’s very easy to set up! Simply contact Laura Wilson at [email protected] to get started. She will set your group up with a tracking code that you’ll share with friends and family. Your group will earn 20% of every purchase made with your tracking code during your fundraiser!

Face Mask Fundraiser

Face masks emerged as a very popular high school fundraising idea during the Covid-19 pandemic. Face masks can be customized with logos and messages (just like t-shirts) and sold to the community, typically for a 25% to 50% profit depending on the number of masks sold.

A face mask fundraiser could be a great way to raise funds for your team AND help fans show their school spirit. Customized face masks could also be popular for other events like school plays and performances, prom, senior awards night or graduation. A face mask fundraiser could be a quick and easy way reach your fundraising goal for a class gift or event.

Eye Black Fundraiser

In all of my fundraising research, I think Custom Eye Black is one of my very favorite fundraising ideas for high school organizations. “Eye Black” refers to the black, peel-and-stick strips applied by athletes under their eyes to reduce glare.

Custom eye black imprinted with a team name or logo can also be worn by fans and spectators as a fun way to show school spirit, making them a great fundraising idea for high schools.

An eye black fundraiser does require some cash up front, but they are inexpensive for quick and easy selling by your group. Eye black is great for big games, spirit week and special causes.

Flip Flop Fundraiser

How about a flip flop fundraiser? One, teens practically live in flip flops (even when it’s cold out). Two, according to Lyst, searches for flip flops increased 53% just from from June 2020 to August 2020! It seems people are opting for comfortable and relaxed styles of clothes and shoes more and more since the pandemic-induced shift to working from home.

Like other branded, product fundraisers, participants sell or take pre-orders for flip flops. The profit margin is typically between 30% and 50% but could go as high as 70% depending on the brand and quantity your group sells.