BG Party for the Parks to raise money for City Park projects

You can even think outside the box and offer individualized opportunities that aren’t available to the general public, such as private tours or lessons. Hobnobbing with the rich and famous is on many people’s bucket lists. Local celebrities may include politicians, public servants, or headliners at the community theater.
Plus, your donors will be able to easily search your item catalog by title, description, active country, ID, zip code, and more while you can upload items in bulk. Plus, you can offer your donors the option of using DonorPerfect’s online forms for registration. Your supporters can simply bid from your website or via text, which means they won’t need to worry about an app taking up too much space on their phones.
It is a Social Enterprise, existing to support the various communities in Wokingham Borough. The artist has a strong pedigree, having previously created sculptures now on display in Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore, and Ireland. Called The Arc, it is the vision of artist Nicola Anthony and will be a physical poem about the borough and the people who live and work there. best items for silent auction , an organizer of the event, said community support has been wonderful, and cancer survivors, family members and others are thrilled to be back. The event is sponsored by Kerkman, Kenosha County Parks and the nonprofit Old Settlers Oktoberfest Inc. Proceeds from the event go directly to the parks, which helped fund the band shelter.
You can either auction off fixed dollar amounts worth of services or a set number of hours. For example, suppose you’re raising money for a student group,  or for a charity through your employer. In that case, you can even have students or coworkers volunteer to be the providers of the auctioned services. Reach out to local businesses and see who might be willing to donate or offer a discount on a year’s supply of their services or products for a good cause. Generalized first-price auctions and Generalized second-price auctions offer slots for multiple bidders instead of making a single deal.
Popular auction items run the gambit, ranging from the comparatively mundane to high-end alternatives that will incite any donor base to engage in a bidding war. So, your organization has decided to hold an annual fundraiser. Maybe you have decided on a fundraising dinner event, with entertainment and an MC to facilitate the event. One activity to consider when trying to generate revenue is a silent auction. Silent auctions are not only fun and exciting for attendees of such an event, but they are great fundraisers for non-profit organizations. However, organizing and staging a successful silent auction can be an overwhelming task for those in charge.
If you’re not sure which types of items your guests would enjoy, try sending out a survey. You can come up with some auction item ideas and have your guests vote on which they would be most interested in. Alternatively, you can make the survey open-ended and have guests submit their item ideas. That way, you can get guests involved in the planning process and feature items they would actually be interested in bidding on. The number of people on these teams will vary depending on the size of your nonprofit and the size of your event. Keep scale in mind for each part of your preparations, as it is also possible to over-prepare for a silent auction and end up with items that don’t go home with any of your guests.